"I have to say that my experience with Brain State Balance not only met my highest expectations in addressing the issues that brought me there in the first place, it has also produced profound, positive shifts in areas of my life that I never expected.

I first came to Thea and Brain State Balance a few years ago as a professional musician and recording artist in the midst of a particularly stressful period in my life. I found myself facing overwhelming emotional issues around challenges I was having with my older daughter at the time, and these issues were taking a toll on my well-being and my creative work as I sought to complete a new album.

As an independent artist I write, record, and produce my own music. This means that – from the first glimmer of a new melody to the forty or fifty track deep final musical production of that song in my home studio – the entire creative process flows through my hands and, of course, my brain. I came to Thea seeking support for this delicate and demanding balancing act between the artistic flow of making music and the intensely technical skill of being my own recording engineer in my home studio – all while facing one of the most challenging emotional moments of my life.

The shorthand version of my story is that, after completing my sessions at Brain State Balance with Thea’s wise, caring support and the incredible technology of Brain State Tech, I was able to successfully navigate this moment in my life, bringing forth one of my proudest musical accomplishments to date, an album called “Sky of the Heart”. When I brought a copy of the CD to give Thea during a follow-up session, I never imagined there were even greater shifts and successes still to be revealed in the months ahead.

Shortly after the release of my new CD, I was contacted by a major publisher and offered the opportunity to write a book. Needless to say, this was a tremendous thrill but also quite scary. I had never written anything longer than the verses of a song or the few pages of an article or blog here and there. This was big!

As I set about planning how to approach this daunting new opportunity, I realized that I’d be spending long hours sitting in front of my computer keyboard. So, I decided it would be wise to balance all that sitting with some extra fitness and movement in my life. Right around that time, I ran into a good friend from Santa Cruz who happened to be a successful author himself. He told me he was embarking on a new fitness regimen – CrossFit workouts three days a week. I had never done anything like this before but it seemed like the perfect opportunity – radically enhanced fitness and the chance to hang out with an accomplished author, picking his brain about the writing process.

Over the course of the next few months, I settled into my weekly routine of writing and exercise until it became completely second nature to me. My body changed dramatically. I became stronger and leaner, clocking in at the exact same weight I had been in college. Meanwhile, I was completing chapter after chapter of the book to my great satisfaction and – about a year and a half later – I submitted the final manuscript to Simon & Schuster for publication. 

At some point in that writing and fitness journey, it suddenly dawned on me that I could trace all these amazing shifts in my mind and body back to those sessions with Thea. The balancing and optimization that the Brain State technology brought about in my brain was not only showing up in greater cognitive abilities, emotional balance, and clarity but was also manifesting physically as a more optimally functioning body with dramatically enhanced vitality and energy.

I’m tremendously grateful for Thea and her work. I’ll continue to drop in to Brain State Balance for a tune-up whenever I can." 

Girish Cruden

Since 2006, BrainStateBalance in Pacifica, has provided Brainwave Optimization for hundreds of people. Brainwave Optimization® is a natural way to achieve a longer lasting, deeper feeling of relaxation assisting your brain to reach a state of calm.

How Does It Work?
Sensors read your brainwaves, which software then converts to music-like tones that you listen to through earbuds.
The brain recognizes its patterns in the sounds, which acts like a sound-based mirror, showing the brain its current state.
When the brain hears itself in this manner, it adjusts to more balanced rhythms.

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With two chairs, we have the unique ability to accommodate two people at the same time: Couples, parent/child, partners, siblings, friends. This allows for economy in travel to and from the BrainStateBalance Center as well as the ability to move through the Brainwave Optimization at the same time. This has shown to be extremely effective and efficient for two people. Call 650-557-1559

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For a limited time, we are offering the Brainwave Optimization (brain map) Assessment for FREE. The normal dollar value is $145. The assessment is a profoundly valuable insight into your own uniquely individual brain. Call to schedule.
Since 2006
"Even though I very reluctantly went to BrainStateBalance, I immediately began to feel changes. BrainState gave me the mental strength and wellbeing to fight through the P.T.S. I had from being a survivor of the Asian Tsunami; forgive myself for actually living while countless died; lifted my confidence and helped me fight off depression. I opened up my baggage and began to sift through, throwing things out that were of no use to me and confronting things that I let hold myself from growing. I actually began to like life and myself again. Thank you so much BrainState! You helped me to regain myself."

A. Robins, Sacramento CA

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