"After my first 5 sessions I have felt less stress. I believe this was a permanent improvement that has taken place. I have been more comfortable in my body and made choices from a wiser perspective. I love Braintraining."

Daniel, Santa Cruz

Our role, powered by Brainwave Optimization with RTB™, is to assist an individual to train their brain to a state of balance, harmony and optimization. Through cutting-edge technology, our trainers provide you with the tools to tap into the limitless potential of your brain.

BrainStateBalance provides individual clients a structured approach to overcoming many personal issues. Talk to us about turning your life around. Children and adults benefit equally.

We initially create a plan which balances brain activity following the findings of one of our assessments. After brain balance (also known as brain-homeostasis) is achieved, we then move onto specific client goals and evolve training plans and exercises as our clients’ experiences and lives change accordingly

What happens in my brain
Brain activity creates electromagnetic energy - captured and observed as brain waves with EEG amplifiers and computers. That brain energy turns into sound energy at the moment the brain energy exits in an optimized brain pattern. This optimized pattern is a signal to encourage the brain, using computer graphics and other sound encouragements. Brainwave Optimization™ encourages some brain waves and discourages others so the brain will begin to function differently - it will create a balanced condition. This harmonizing of the brain waves, balances them into optimized patterns.

Brain activity is based on cells called neurons which interact and connect with each other forming groups or neural-networks. These neural-networks are activated based on stimuli. Clients have often recognized benefits in the first one to three sessions, and may require 5 to 30 sessions to make the benefits permanent with dominant neural-networks.

How do I change my pathways
Brainwave Optimization™ activates neural-networks based on an optimum performing brain. When neurons in the brain connect, they do so with electric energy and this energy can be recorded by Intellectrodes™ on the skull. The waves of energy from the brain are fed into a computer that then analyzes them, based on a personalized protocol selected in the assessment process. This protocol is created for maximum optimization of the individual.

The brain changes when it experiences a state, or new pathway created by its own neural-networks. Two tuning forks of the same frequency in a close proximity will both produce a sound if only one of them is struck. Resonance is the property that causes that action. When the brain hears sounds it generates or inhibits certain frequencies, other parts of the brain respond - resonate - to that balanced frequency. Soon, the brain balances itself and thereby cuts new pathways. It requires that this resonance balance training - or Brainwave Optimization™, as we call it - happen a number of times before it will become permanent, but it does become permanent so training does not need to continue forever.

However, for the meditation experience, the limit is infinite, and the person meditating may do so as frequently and as deeply as they wish.

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