"it improved the business connections that have come into my life - released old emotional patterns that were not serving me. I am able to easily recognize thoughts that are not based in reality and shift them to ones that are - super charged my focus - increased my ability to receive feedback and handle stressful conversations. I have really shifted my attitudes around what I eat and how I take care of myself. Overall I am thinking different which is changing everything!” 

Zen DeBrücke
Founder, Ahuma Institute & Power Manifestation
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This training does not qualify under MediCare. Some insurance providers MAY include biofeedback training but please check with your plan provider prior to training.

Brainwave Optimization is not a medical procedure, and BWO providers do not use this technology to diagnose or treat any medically or psychologically defined diseases or disorders
Two Chairs!

With two chairs, we have the unique ability to accommodate two people doing Brainwave Optimization at the same time: Couples, parent/child, partners, siblings, friends. This allows for economy in travel to and from the BrainStateBalance Center as well as the ability to move through the Brainwave Optimization at the same time. This has proven to be extremely effective and efficient for two people. Contact us for more information.

Intensive training

Brainwave Optimization™ can be accomplished in the most efficient manner when the training is done intensively. We can schedule individuals for 1 or 2 week intensives. The intensive includes brain training one or two times daily – including one brain assessment to begin the intensive. Typically clients sign on for 1 assessment and 8 - 10 extended sessions, usually accomplished within a 7 to 14 day period. We are happy to accommodate your work/school/living schedule to make it work best for you.

FREE Assessment

For a limited time, we are offering the Brainwave Optimization Assessment for FREE. The normal dollar value is $145. The assessment is a profoundly valuable insight into your own uniquely individual brain. Contact us to schedule.


The recommended intensive package of 10 extended sessions is $1195. Other packages and individual sessions are available. Especially helpful and popular are post-intensive sessions that can be scheduled whenever you wish. Allow for two hours for each session at $100 per session. 

FREE Trial

If you are interested in simply experiencing and learning more about Brainwave Optimization with no obligation, contact us for a FREE 20 minute mini-session. Contact us today! We would love to hear from you.

Time required for Brainwave Optimization to be effective

The number of sessions required to achieve brain homeostasis varies from one client to the next and often happens in phases.   8 – 20 sessions are typical. Certain things are noticed first, later other changes are noticed.
Follow up sessions (see options at right) are available after the initial sessions are allowed to integrate.

Contact us today for a FREE 20 minute "brain massage". 

A perfect way to get a free mini-session of Brainwave OptimizationTM and have your questions answered. 
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