“My work with Brain States made a considerable shift in how my mind processes information and I could see tangible results immediately. Very important work, and great people to to work with!”

Jared Rosen 
Author of The Flip

What is Brainwave Optimization?

Brainwave Optimization® is a natural way to achieve a longer lasting, deeper feeling of relaxation assisting your brain to reach a state of calm.

Pioneers of this technology that supports the brain to optimize itself. There is nothing else like it in the world. Unlike neuro or biofeedback, which stimulate the brain, Brainwave Optimization relaxes the brain.

Most clients report post-session results that include at least one or more of the following:

  • Restful sleep
  • Stress relief 
  • Improved focus 
  • Clearer memory and recall 
  • Enhanced decisiveness and confidence
  • Superior performance in many aspects of life
  • Accelerated learning ability 
  • A sustained calm
  • A sense of inner peace and joy that is, for some, life changing.

For some, it is a sense of self awareness, and personal transformation, that must be experienced to be completely understood, but once it happens to you, you’ll know what we mean.​

​Brainwave Optimization® is a computer-guided way to help you to achieve a uniquely deep state of relaxation, through the power of your own brain. A deeply relaxed brain may support a variety of goals for well-being, recovery, or performance optimization.
Brainwave Optimization acts as a catalyst to support the brain to optimize itself – to move itself naturally in its own way, its own time and on its own terms. Brainwave Optimization facilitates the brain to adjust its own brainwave activity, in order to balance and optimize itself.

The revolutionary Brainwave Optimization process is uniquely valuable in that it supports one’s own brain to do its own work, in a way unlike any other approach that has come before.

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FREE Assessment

For a limited time, we are offering the Brainwave Optimization (brain map) Assessment for FREE. The normal dollar value is $145. The assessment is a profoundly valuable insight into your own uniquely individual brain. Contact us to schedule.
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Who Is It For?
Brainwave Optimization is for individuals who wish to make a life change from the inside-out. It is for those who believe that they have inner resources that, if accessed, can provide them with a path that meets their own unique needs. It is not a treatment or therapy for medically defined disease or psychological disorders, and it is not a way to diagnose diseases or disorders. Trauma and chronic stress can lead the brain to become “stuck,” and individuals with such history are especially likely to benefit from gaining a deep state of relaxation. When the brain deeply relaxes and resets itself, it can self-optimize to improve health, wellness and well- being. It may also allow the recovery of overall functionality, including enhanced performance.

What Are The Benefits?
The benefits are produced through you and your own brain. The role of Brainwave Optimization is to facilitate a state of relaxation and flexibility of brain rhythms – from there you and your brain can produce greater well-being, enhanced performance and often other positive experiences that no one even predicts. Our clients commonly report better sleep, release of chronic stress or trauma, improvement in areas of cognitive difficulties or learning challenges, and reduced addictive personality tendencies.

Research Collaboration
Since 2011, the innovative approach developed by Brain State Technologies has been evaluated in research studies at Wake Forest School of Medicine, related to a variety of specific health objectives. This research has been supported by independent (non-commercial) sources, totaling over $2.5 million dollars, including grants from the Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation, Inc., the United States Department of Defense Special Operations Command and the United States Army Research Office. Further information on this research is available at www.wakehealth.edu/hirrem.

This research has resulted in peer-reviewed presentations accepted at 14 major academic and scientific conferences since 2012, and five published full-length manuscripts.

Two Chairs!
With two chairs, we have the unique ability to accommodate two people at the same time: Couples, parent/child, partners, siblings, friends. This allows for economy in travel to and from the BrainStateBalance Center as well as the ability to move through the Brainwave Optimization at the same time. This has proven to be extremely effective and efficient for two people. Contact us for more information.

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