"Even though I very reluctantly went to BrainStateBalance, I immediately began to feel changes. BrainState gave me the mental strength and wellbeing to fight through the P.T.S. I had from being a survivor of the Asian Tsunami; forgive myself for actually living while countless died; lifted my confidence and helped me fight off depression. I opened up my baggage and began to sift through, throwing things out that were of no use to me and confronting things that I let hold myself from growing. I actually began to like life and myself again. Thank you so much BrainState! You helped me to regain myself."
A. Robins, Sacramento CA
Since 2006, BrainStateBalance in Pacifica, has provided Brainwave Optimization for hundreds of people. Brainwave Optimization® is a natural way to achieve a longer lasting, deeper feeling of relaxation assisting your brain to reach a state of calm.

How Does It Work?
Sensors read your brainwaves, which software then converts to music-like tones that you listen to through earbuds.
The brain recognizes its patterns in the sounds, which acts like a sound-based mirror, showing the brain its current state.
When the brain hears itself in this manner, it adjusts to more balanced rhythms.

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Welcome to BrainStateBalance
Tap Into the Limitless Potential of Your Brain!
We're pleased to welcome Susanne LaBarge, LAc., licensed professional acupuncturist in our office Monday thru Friday (weekends by appointment). Call her at 415-577-7127 
Kurt SauerWynonna
Thea was trained in Classical Chinese Herbology from the Foundation of Tao under the direction of Dr. Stephen T. Chang. We offer Dr. Chang's Forgotten Foods Herbal Solutions: high-tech, freeze-dried herbal extractions of the highest quality and potency
Center for Brainwave Optimization since 2006, plus Spooky2 (Rife-based technology),  Chinese Herbal Formulas and Acupuncture
Two Chairs!

With two chairs, we have the unique ability to accommodate two people at the same time: Couples, parent/child, partners, siblings, friends. This allows for economy in travel to and from the BrainStateBalance Center as well as the ability to move through the Brainwave Optimization at the same time. This has shown to be extremely effective and efficient for two people. Contact us for more information. 

FREE Assessment

For a limited time, we are offering the Brainwave Optimization (brain map) Assessment for FREE. The normal dollar value is $145. The assessment is a profoundly valuable insight into your own uniquely individual brain. Contact us to schedule.
Since 2006
Imperial Formula for total physical and mental health

Energizes the brain
Promotes learning
Relieves stress and tension
Relieves fatigue
Retards aging
Improves skin condition and complexion
Improves sexual drive and ability
increases flow of oxygen to the blood cells and the brain
Formula is absolutely natural
No artificial colors, flavors
No preservatives or additives of any kind
Side effect free
Consistent (no resistance develops from long term use).

Long Life Wheel Combination

1. Strengthens the immune system.

2. Overall “tune up” of glandular function.

3. Impotence and low sexual drive.

4. Encouragement of youthful abilities.

5. AIDS and other auto-immune issues

In ancient times this combination was used to strengthen the seven glands, considered to be the wheels of the life of a human being. These glands are the sexual, adrenal, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands.